MJD3 Associates, LLC

MJD3 Associates, LLC is a privately owned full service Insurance Brokerage. We provide a wide range of innovative products for Business and Personal Insurance. Our staff has over 100 years of combined insurance experience and is specialized in a broad scope of industries. These industries include Real Estate, Construction, Dining and Manufacturing to name a few. We are here to assist you in navigating through a changing business environment while helping mitigate your exposures. Please give us a call to discuss how our cost effective and comprehensive programs help our clients.

Our Team
Michael Daniels, Managing Member

Mike@mjd3insurance.com | Phone: 845-533-2251

Carol Piaia, Director of Real Estate

Carol@mjd3insurance.com | Phone: 845-533-2253

Drew Daniels, Member

Drew@mjd3insurance.com | Phone: 845-533-2255

Justin Daniels, Member

Justin@mjd3insurance.com | Phone: 845-533-2254

Ling Kwan, Account Executive

Ling@mjd3insurance.com | Phone: 845-366-6437

Entela Gjyrezi, Claims Director

Entela@mjd3insurance.com | Phone: 845-533-2256

Sheila Jeffries, Marketing Specialist

Sheila@mjd3insurance.com | Phone: 845-533-2246

Diane Affinito-Accounting

Diane@mjd3insurance.com Phone: 845-533-2122

Andrene Sinclair-Pennix

Andrene@mjd3insurance.com Phone: 845-682-0861

Mark Shenker, Member

Mark@mjd3insurance.com | Phone: 845-682-0860

Joan Harris, Account Executive

Joan@mjd3insurance.com | Phone: 845-366-6436

David Abis, Director of Marketing

David@mjd3insurance.com | Phone: 845-533-2252

Lee Moses- Account Executive

Lee@mjd3insurance.com | Phone: 845-366-6438

Robin Spino, CFO

Robin@mjd3insurance.com | Phone: 845-533-2249

Robert Strauss, Director of Personal Lines
Robbie@mjd3insurance.com | Phone: 845-533-2248
Patricia A. Berman

Patti@mjd3insurance.com Phone: 845-533-2247

Peggy Gallo, Account Executive

Peggy@mjd3insurance.com Phone: 845-533-2171

Kerry Culbert, Claims
Kerry@mjd3insurance.com | Phone: 845-533-2178
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